Glyphic NFT

Non-Fungible Counter Culture

Hand Drawn one-of-one NFTs

Glyphic is bringing counter culture to the metaverse, including street art by renowned global artists and IRL streetwear collaborations. This Genesis collection is comprised of 1,150 unique NFTs hand-drawn by legendary graffiti artist FUZI. Your Glyphic x FUZI NFT acts as both a one-of-one piece of art as well as your access token to the community and ecosystem, including digital and physical perks and benefits.

We have sold out. Thank you all for your support. Your belief in our team means the world to us.

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In the mid-1990s, inspired by the raw vibrancy of early 1970s New York graffiti (with something of the creative spontaneity of childhood and the anarchic freedom of art brut), FUZI developed Ignorant Style, a deliberate and thoughtful approach to the art form that sought to play with its origins and roots. A pure vandalistic reaction to the standardization of graffiti that elevated the beauty of ugliness and the seemingly artless, Ignorant Style was to be repeatedly copied and become a new movement in its own right.

In 2008, FUZI took his original art to people's skins and became a renowned tattooist (he has tattooed Diplo, Scarlett Johansson, Justice, Steve Lacy, and many others). He has since showcased his work as a fine artist in events and exhibitions around the world and collaborated with individuals and brands as an art director, consultant, and illustrator.


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The Museum of Graffiti exhibits, educates, and celebrates the thousands of graffiti artists who have transformed walls in our public spaces into vibrant masterpieces.

Located in the heart of Wynwood, the Museum of Graffiti is Wynwood’s only art museum. Indoor and outdoor exhibitions showcase the top global and local graffiti artists while presenting the art movement’s rich history. The Museum is a must- see destination in Miami.

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